Safety Rules

Our safety rules

  1. Always listen to the Axpert's instruction to mantain safety.
  2. All axes must remain in the axe throwing area.
  3. Never throw an axe when somebody is in the range.
  4. No open toe shoes.
  5. Always point the axe down the range.
  6. Do not juggle the axes.


We ask that you arrive for your event alert and free from the influence of any substances, including alcohol. During your time with us, please drink responsibly. We believe that enjoying alcoholic beverages during your sporting event is both possible and safe when done responsibly and in moderation. Drinking to excess puts the safety of yourself and others at risk.

Please be aware that arrival under the influence or excessive consumption during your event WILL result in removal from the throwing area and/or the facility by our staff. Should this occur, please realise that they are doing so not only for your safety, but for that of your group, other groups, and our staff.